Chimney Cricket Installation

Chimney Cricket Installation

Are you experiencing water pooling at the back side of your chimney? Then you must install a chimney cricket there because it is the only way to prevent water blockage and continue flowing. After all, water pooled in a place for many days can be very dangerous for your masonry roof and chimney. It can easily penetrate the mortar and bricks of your roof and weaken it. It can cause serious damage and deterioration.

What is chimney cricket?

A Triangle shaped chimney cricket has a ridge at its top, it is a kind of peaked roof that is installed at the back side of a roof to deflect water from the roof and continue flowing properly. It doesn’t let water block the roof because excessive water blockage can weaken the roof of your house and can be the cause of many harmful germs and bacteria. Especially when the temperature falls, the snow falls on the roof of your house and when it flows down after melting usually it gets stuck behind your chimney and refreezes which creates a problem of water accumulating around the chimney.

Who we are?

A1 Chimney Cricket installation service was founded many years ago and has been growing strong ever since. We have expanded not only our geographical reach but also our range of products and services as well. What began as just a few chimneys sweeps working out of one location has now become a multi-state operation with a wide variety of masonry work, fireplace, and chimney services like chimney installation, chimney cleaning, and chimney cap installation, brick repair, etc. We always prioritize our customers and provide the best services until they are fully satisfied with the quality of work.

Why choose us?

A1 chimney service company’s only focus is your family’s safety and health and we do this by providing the very best service to our customers we are constantly keeping up with the latest advancements in the cleaning, installation, and repairing process and equipment innovations. Please remember that experience and training are the most important qualities when it comes to the safety of your family. We are also a full-service chimney sweeping and chimney installation company who have high expertise in installing chimney cricket on your roof. We do all our work in a very calculated manner because creating a perfect slope for water drainage is a critical task that is performed effortlessly by our trained employees.

Our equipment is advanced and modernized to cope with any problem and fulfil any of your requirements without having any delay, at a very reasonable price that you will always be super satisfied and relaxed after looking through our quality work.

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If you are looking for a customer’s favorite and most well-respected chimney and Fireplace Company, chances are you are looking for an a1 chimney service company. Call us for immediate service 24hrs a day 7 days a week at our number (888)984-4344. You can also get our best emergency service at any time of the day, our expert team will reach your place to solve your problem as soon as you call us.

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