Chimney Animal Removal

Chimney Animal Removal

Are you tired of having an annoying smell in chimney pipes due to any dead animal? Or have you noticed the presence of a bird or any other animal in the chimney pipe? Then never ignore it. Because it could be very dangerous for them to live there. They can grab on fire, go into your home, or both so they need to be relieved from chimneys on an urgent basis. Animals or fowls living there can cause obstacle for air to pass through it and push the nasty-smelling gases into your home rather than permit them to vent into the air easily.

What is animal removal?

In warmer climates like Florida and during warmer seasons in states, animals frequently venture into stink pipes via the plumbing pipe on the roof, making it their home.  Raccoons and a bird typically named as the ‘chimney swift’ will simply climb in and out of chimneys, creating an enticing place for them to bring up their young. It is dangerous to have animals living inside the chimney; since raccoons and chimney swifts return to the same chimney they have inhabited before; at the time of removal our chimney sweeps will install a chimney cap or similar animal guard to obviate those species from reoccurring. When the raccoon realizes that it cannot come back into the chimney to live in peacefully, then it’ll be try to find a brand new chimney to live comfortably in. Don’t let it be yours!

Who we are?

A1 Chimney animal removal performs all chimney services from the annual sweep and inspection to full chimney rebuilds and new installations along with animal removal. Professional licensed and certified chimney sweeps are on staff to get the job done right.

Our qualified and professional masons have the skills and knowledge to complete any masonry work from construction to repair of any structure or the chimney bricks repair.

We also offer a full line of chimney repair and construction work, providing great services for several years. All the installation and repair services are performed by our highly qualified professionals. We offer a few number of warranties on most of our commodities and services and guarantee all workforce.

Why choose us?

A1 chimney animal removal professionals are trained to properly perform chimney installation and other superior chimney services for both home and industrial use. We bring and mount the highest quality chimney supplies to guarantee the most appropriate function and working of our customers’ chimneys. This help maintains a chimney’s integrity and can often help reduce an individual’s energy costs as compared to other chimney experts who deceive you in terms of quality. We perform the easiest and most convenient animal removal service from chimneys without giving any harm to the animal. Some chimney services that we provide include chimney dampers, chimney liner repair, chimney animal removal, chase cover installation, chimney flashing, and chimney exhaust fans installation. Our Chimney Safety certified professional chimney sweeps can also perform guaranteed chimney inspection and cleaning services that could benefit you in many ways. We believe in strong customer relationships and gain their trust by providing quality services in the least possible time and with supreme reliability.

Contact us

Whenever you feel the need for repair work in the chimney or you just need to remove any animal stuck in your chimney then call A1 chimney animal removal service to instantly get the animal out of it and relieve them. We are highly concerned about animal’s life and genuinely care for their safety therefore we have established a complete team for animal removal from a chimney. You must also take action and call us on the very first basis as soon as you discover the presence of any animal in your chimney.

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