Glass Door Fireplace

Glass Door Fireplace

Do you want to give a luxurious feel to your lounge? Or you just want to have maximum heat from few wood pieces by increasing their efficiency? Then install a glass door at your fireplace. The pure sight of all sparkly wood burning flames flying higher and burning with a bright orange color and endless fumes is a pure sight to enjoy while sitting with your loved ones on a couch with a mug of hot coffee in a chilly night. This can only be achieved when you install a glass door at your fireplace and enjoy the striking view of burning wood at an evening.

What is a fireplace glass door?

Glass doors are fitted on a fireplace to create an intriguing and luxurious look that is a game changer for the entire environment of your room. These glass doors also increase the efficiency of a fireplace by making the woods burn much better and for a longer period consequently producing more heat by burning a lesser amount of wood. These glass doors are made up of tempered glass that can be broken after prolonged exposure to fire. These glass doors can be opened or closed, while burning fire it needs to be opened and closed once the fire starts burning strongly.

Who we are?

The true fireplace screen and doors can make a whole innovative look for your fireplace. The experts at A1 Chimney can install decorative fireplace screens and fireplace glass doors to give your fireplace a custom look and to enhance your living room’s decor. They can also overhaul fireplace screens and doors to guarantee that your fireplace is in proper working order. We have skilful employees who know how to give a charm to your living area by installing fascinating glass doors at the fireplace. We install them with so much perfection that even a finger can move them easily, whenever you want to open them for cleaning purposes.

Why choose us?

The goal of A1 chimney service is to make every room in your home comfortable. We determine ways to reduce heat LOSS in the winter, as well as minimize heat GAIN in the summer through chimneys. We install such efficient vents that could easily draw excess heat out of the house, keeping it just as warm as you want. We start with a full analysis of your chimney to determine the problem, then customize a solution that whether it needs a rebuild or repair.  Sometimes adding a chimney is the best thing to do in a house to keep it warm.  We install chimneys in such a productive way that it doesn’t affect the furnace or air conditioning system of the house.  We are happy to tell you what the problem is, and whether we can fix it. We give you the most genuine advice; after all, Our Customers are our Best Advertising!

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Many types of doors going from zero allowance to custom arched are available to fit all fireplaces. Contact us today to help you enhance the focal point of your living room by fixing fascinating glass doors at the fireplace that gives it a luxurious feel.

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