Chimney Damper Repair

Chimney Damper Repair

You could be losing a huge amount of money out of your chimney EVERY YEAR without even knowing it! Chimney dampers make a difference. Why not realize the possible savings on your fuel bill? Why let your home to be cold? Why make it a chore to open the chimney damper just to have a fire or to close it after one?

What is a chimney damper?

The main idea of a chimney damper is to air tight the chimney with a seal when it is not in use. Heat emerges, and if the chimney is not closed properly when the fireplace is not in work, all of the heat in the house goes ahead of the chimney. Imagine leaving your door open in the middle of winter!

This product will seal the top of your chimney and makes it airtight. It will reduce your energy costs during the winter when you are not using your system and during the summer preventing the air conditioning from escaping the top of your chimney

The basic chimney damper that comes with a chimney is difficult to control and is fixed high up in the top part of the fireplace. Even if you understand why you should use it and where to use it, it’s normally not done because the task is tough and dirty.

Who we are?

A1 chimney damper service can install the most fixed and air-tight dampers in your chimney to ensure top-selling chimney dampers. A1 Chimney is providing services to install reliable chimney dampers for 20 years that can solve the problem of air leakage.

We provide easy-to-use, convenient, and clean, chimney dampers that will allow homeowners to seal the chimney when their fireplace is not in use without the difficulties experienced before. It will probably pay for itself within the first year. We are proudly working in this field to get a decrease in your utility bills, and have an increase in the comfort level of your home!

Why choose us?

A1 chimney damper service can offer you expert strategies to work with almost any budget, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your Chimney dampers task isn’t going to break the bank We will always give you an accurate estimation of the hours needed for any task and notify you when you can expect our staff to appear to begin the work. If something builds, we will tell you immediately. We know that carrying out any project promptly could save you cash, and our mission is to conserve your money and time whenever we can. In addition, we stay away from the common blunders of other businesses to save time and money by simply never squandering it. This additionally will save costs on materials, because we know what we’re doing, and we do not waste materials on mistakes.

We have highly trained members of our team who knows how to get the installation of the best air-sealed chimney dampers and are always well equipped to face any difficulty in their respective field.

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Proper insulation, appropriate seals on windows and doors, and a proper damper on the chimney(s) are the three most cost-effective ways to save on your energy bill. Contact us to install the best-sealed chimney dampers by A1 chimney damper service and enjoy every bit of this upcoming cold weather.

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