Chimney Bricks Repair

Chimney Bricks Repair

Usually your chimney may look in excellent condition from the ground but when seen up close exposes a lot of complications. Whenever you feel that bricks around your chimney are falling apart and it is getting damaged or a storm has just struck the wall of a chimney that has leaned it, then it is the time to go for chimney brick repair. A brick repair usually undergoes some masonry work that is repaired by putting mortar at the joints but sometimes the wall needs to be rebuilt again.

What is the brick repair?

Your chimney wall must be repaired as soon as a few cracks appear in the area of the brick to minimize the risk of further cracking. How your chimney repair is performed will depend on how your chimney is made. Some chimney repairs will require replacement or repair of the chimney hood while some chimney repairs may require some masonry work, few may also require replacing the chimney liner. The only way to determine your need for chimney repair is to have the chimney inspected by a professional chimney brick repair and sweep service. The chimney repair professional will notify you of the type of chimney repair that will be required and will provide you with an estimate for the job.

Who we are?

A1 chimney repair and sweep service is a well-established chimney service provider for almost 20 years. We are providing various services regarding your house chimneys including Chimney Cleaning, Furnace Liners, Chimney Covers, Brick Repair, Waterproofing, Chimney Rebuild, Flashing, etc. Our goal is on calming your suspicions about hazardous chimney through professional chimney rebuilding. We are a specifically licensed and certified chimney repair service that gives special training to their professional workers to deal with the situation efficiently and cope with any task. Many chimney sweep and repair companies will provide prospective customers with customer references and testimonials but we build a strong customer relationship, we have many satisfied customers and will be able to provide references from previous chimney jobs

Why choose us?

With over 10 years of experience in our industry, A1 Chimney Repairs provide the complete service in chimney repairs. We serve the region with the best services throughout the town. We solve all types of chimney problems including storm damage, fire damage and smoke problems specializing in Chimney Fires Repairs, Soot Problems, Chimneys Rebuilt / re-Lined, Storm Damage Repair, and Water Damage Repaired

We understand that chimneys can be in bad enough conditions, blow over and hurt someone. Because of this danger, we will work to perform top-notch chimney repair to maintain the integrity of your home’s chimney. Not all chimney service companies provide 24-hour service, but we are always available for you even if you have any emergency in the middle of the night. You can freely call your A1 chimney repair and sweep Service Company for assistance or to have a quick arrival of our emergency team at your place.

Contact us

Contact the experts at A1 Chimney repair and sweep service for a proper chimney assessment. We will inspect your chimney’s present status and help find out if new chimney building is needed or if your chimney can be refurbished. Always keep in mind that working with brick and mortar is our specialty, so you can be assured that you’re new or renovated chimney will stay appealingly pleasing.

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