Chimney Fan Installation

Chimney Fan Installation

Are you worried of having your house full of smoke, soot, and that annoying smell every time you light your fireplace? Are you tired of discolored ceilings, walls, and drapes? Relief is in sight! A1 Chimney carries high-quality chimney fans made of original material to draw all the smoke of your house out in a blink. It also work as an excellent ventilation system, just switch on the chimney fan when fire is not in use to act as an exhaust fan that sucks all the gas from house and through it outside.

What is a chimney fan?

No More Smoky, Congested Wheezing Fireplaces because the A1 chimney is here to install exhaust fans at your chimney. Chimney fans are highly effective in venting out the smoke from your house no matter whether you have a wood or gas burning fireplace, a stove, an oven, or a BBQ. Easy to Operate chimney fans are installed with a speed control unit near the fireplace. This allows you to control the speed so that you don’t pull more heat out than necessary.

You can even use it as ventilation when you don’t have a fire going to blow all the pollution out of the room. Just turn it on when you want to clean the room of other odors, leaving the room smelling clean and refreshed.

Who we are?

A1 chimney installation and repair service has been the most trustworthy provider of chimney products and services in the town, and for good reason, we provide specialized solutions to keep you comfortable year-round, while also saving you lots of wealth that have been invested so far to keep your house warm. We have the knowledge and apparatus to handle any residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural chimney project, massive or little. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your factory with a big chimney that vents out a huge amount of coal smoke or combusted gases from your production lounge then you can rely on us to deliver you the most excellent chimney options to take on your needs.

Why choose us?

A1 chimney service gives strong priority to their customer. Our responsibility to providing excellent masonry work, fireplace, and chimney services as well as our commitment to serving people’s needs has earned us over 250,000 reputable customers. We constantly struggle to improve our business and grow our customer base. Thanks to a diverse team of talented management and experienced masons, chimney experts, and sweeping pros, we can work toward being the best and largest in the chimney industry. We know that individual customer is the ones who have composed our company from the scratch. Our skilled, dedicated staff will provide you top quality service – always within the least possible time. We are well equipped with all the modern tools and equipment to deal with any emergency at any time. We always try our level best to repair a chimney and save your money despite rebuilding it from scratch.

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Whenever you have an emergency, whether a fire burst out in your chimney or the bricks start falling off, call us at (888)984-4344 so that our experienced emergency team could arrive at your place on the spot to save you from any further damage.

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