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Who Are Chimney Sweepers & How to Hire Professionals?

Chimney sweepers are workers who clear soot and ash from chimneys, and are responsible for the general maintenance of chimneys and fireplaces. A chimney uses the pressure difference, which is caused from hot columns of gas, to help create a draught and to draw air over wood or coals enabling a continued combustion. There is soot

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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Sweeping

The History of Chimney Sweeping Back in the 17th century people knew that chimneys needed to be brushed. The Master Sweep would hire boys that were small to scramble up and climb chimneys. They would brush out the chimneys with small brushes that were hand held. If there were deposits of tar that were somewhat harder

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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Caps

To help turn your house into something amazing, or to protect the value of your home. To add a little flair to a dull feature of your property, or to make a dramatic statement of style and fashion. To keep rain, snow, leaves, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and other animals out of your house. Yes, chimney caps

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Chimney Repair Tips

Chimney cleaning is among the essential tasks for homeowners. Regular maintenance, including basic sweeping and keeping the flue cleared, can reduce the risks of fires. At some point, the need for a chimney repair that requires the services of a professional may also arise. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces are both susceptible to particular problems. At any

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4 Major Benefits Why Adding a Fireplace to Your Home is a Must!

Residents of coldest region experience the same thing every year: The seasons change, the temperature drops, and Old Man Winter always comes out to play. We layer clothing, pull out the flannel bed sheets, and push the thermostat even higher in our attempts to fight the cold. Most of us can grin and bear it, but

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