Who Are Chimney Sweepers & How to Hire Professionals?

Who Are Chimney Sweepers & How to Hire Professionals?

Chimney sweepers are workers who clear soot and ash from chimneys, and are responsible for the general maintenance of chimneys and fireplaces.

A chimney uses the pressure difference, which is caused from hot columns of gas, to help create a draught and to draw air over wood or coals enabling a continued combustion.

There is soot that builds up inside the chimney which can restrict flow. This soot can also at times catch fire which would set the chimney, and possibly the building, on fire. To remove the soot, the chimney has to be swept. This is one of the things a professional chimney sweeper does.

Some people sweep their own chimneys, however, many choose to use a professional chimney sweeper who has enough experience to know for sure that they are getting the job done correctly.

Chimney sweeps are not just used to sweep the chimney and clean it but are also used to repair the chimney and look for any cracks that might have occurred. They are there to ensure that the chimney is working properly. If a crack is missed or a blockage is not removed, when it is time to use the fireplace again one might find that their home could catch fire.

They are also at risk of a family member becoming ill or, in extreme cases, dying due to toxic gases that can be spread throughout the home.

The way that a chimney sweep is preformed varies on whether you use wood or coal, or if you are using gas or oil. You will need to be sure to let them know what you are burning in your fireplace before someone is sent out to clean and inspect it.

Chimney sweepers usually come out around once a year. They will perform maintenance, cleaning, and can repair anything that they find wrong with your chimney. The company we recommend is A1 Chimney. They’re professional, have had years of experience and provide quality work at an affordable price. Hiring a professional will ensure your chimney is looked after and that your family and home are safe.

Hiring a Chimney Sweep

When you bring anyone into your home it is more than important to make sure that you have checked out their credibility beforehand.

You will want to make sure that when you are hiring a chimney sweeper, you have checked out how long they have been in the business as well as making sure that they carry all the proper insurances and licenses that are needed. You will also want to see if they can give you references from people who might live in your neighborhood.

To save you time and put your mind at ease we have a tried and tested A1 Chimney – a business that we recommend because they’re professional, have been around for years and offer their services at an affordable price.

There is nothing worse than potentially hiring someone that does not do the job correctly. Not only could this pose a fire risk in your home, but can also be harmful to your family’s health and wellbeing. It a good idea to call around to a variety of different chimney sweep companies, though we prefer to stick with ones we’ve tested and have recommendations from others. Feel free to contact A1 Chimney using the details on the top left of this page. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a quote for any work required on your home.

If you decide to get multiple quotes from different companies be sure to check that they are quoting the same thing. For example, one company many quote a patch job which is just delaying the inevitable rebuild.

Another might be quoting a total rebuild. Also check which materials they are using as this can cause the price to change quite a lot. Make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges with your quotes. With chimney sweeping being so important to the health of you and your family, you need to make sure you hire a professional chimney sweeper in your local area. These tips will certainly ensure that you and your family are as healthy as possible with a clean and safe chimney.

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