4 Major Benefits Why Adding a Fireplace to Your Home is a Must!

4 Major Benefits Why Adding a Fireplace to Your Home is a Must!

Residents of coldest region experience the same thing every year: The seasons change, the temperature drops, and Old Man Winter always comes out to play. We layer clothing, pull out the flannel bed sheets, and push the thermostat even higher in our attempts to fight the cold.

Most of us can grin and bear it, but if bundling up just isn’t cutting it, consider the benefits of fireplace construction in your home.

Major Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

Energy Costs

As the temperature in our homes slowly rises, so does the energy bill. Fireplace and chimney construction can dramatically reduce your monthly heating bills. So how do you get the most for you money? Adjust the Thermostat: Lower the temperature of your thermostat so that the heater doesn’t compensate for heat loss in other areas of the home.  

Use a Draft stopper: Another solution to battle heat loss is to use a draft stopper. This pillow-like inflatable seals the damper and helps prevent heat loss while the chimney is not in use. Don’t forget the plug! Remove the draft stopper and open the damper before buliding and lighting your fire.

Close Doors:  When the fireplace is in use, shut the doors to unused rooms.

These tips will help keep the heat where you really want it.


Nothing welcomes your home better than a roaring fire after a hard day. In addition to providing heat, fireplaces add comfort and ambience to your home. A well-designed fireplace construction can contribute to the mood, character, style, and general atmosphere of your home.


Even if you are not planning on selling in the near future, it never hurts to add to the quality and resale value of your home. The addition of a fireplace not only contributes to the structural value, but to the homes aesthetic qualities as well. Already have a fireplace that needs some work? Check out A1 Chimney repair, fireplace construction, and chimney cleaning services.

No Space? No problem

What about individuals living in smaller homes or apartments? Luckily, fireplace construction can be done in a variety of styles and sizes. For a small home or apartment, consider a wood or cast iron fireplace.  Smaller in size, these two options provide many of the same benefits as traditional units.

Whether you are looking to cut your heating bills, increase the value of your home, or just have somewhere to sit with a book and a hot cup of cocoa at the end of your day, adding a fireplace may be the perfect option for you!

Problems with your existing fireplace? A1 Chimney offers solutions for even the worst chimney and fireplace problems. For services, tips, photos, or to schedule an appointment, on the Web today!

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